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Protected: Eine kleine Geschichte der PM-Tools auf dem Mac

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Military Leadership Style?

One of the reasons I started writing these posts was to answer the question whether “Command & Control” was a characteristic of a military leadership style – at least from my point of view. As a military leader I am… Continue Reading →

Mission Command

A couple of weeks ago we had a discussion in my company, if some aspects of “new leadership” here, had a military nature. I should probably start with admitting that I am German and that I also have a brief… Continue Reading →

X and Y

MIT professor Douglas McGregor [1] developed two theories to describe motivation and management styles based on the beliefs of the respective leaders: Theory X and Theory Y [2]. Theory X is based on pessimistic assumptions.¬†Theory X managers believe that employees… Continue Reading →

Immanuel Kant – Sapere aude

A lot of the things that I will probably be writing about in the next months will have to do with leadership and management. But I feel the need here or there to start with some basics first. In my… Continue Reading →

Babel: Sprachverwirrung

So here I am, starting a blog again. My native language is German, so you might ask: “Why the hell is he writing in English”. To be honest, there is no real particular reason. In all my student jobs during… Continue Reading →

A magic dwells in each beginning …

Jedem Anfang wohnt ein Zauber inne …[1] A magic dwells in each beginning … [1] So … as you can see … I started writing down some thoughts … As of now I do it on a self-hosted blog, which… Continue Reading →


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